Solarstell and Solar Construct Nederland join forces

10 August 2022

BluBase – Strong in solar support

Solar Construct Nederland will continue under a new name from 1 October 2022: BluBase. Joining forces will strengthen the position of both organisations and offers potential for further growth. Albert Assen, former owner of Solarstell, will be responsible for the new business unit in the Esdec Solar Group as Managing Director.

“Joining forces generates new energy. BluBase offers mounting systems and services that enable installers to do what they are good at: installing solar panels,” says Assen. The product lines of both Solarstell and Solar Construct will continue to feature in the product portfolio. “Our customers can continue to buy Next, Connect, RoBoost, RoFast and QS PV anchors at Blubase,” adds Assen. Blubase focuses on medium-sized to large installers.

Solarstell and Solar Construct Nederland may continue under a new name, but customers should feel equally at home at BluBase. “As BluBase, we want to remain close to our customers. They provide the basis for all that we do. This applies to our product innovations as well as the services we offer. We listen to our customers and cooperate intensively with them. That’s how we make sure they can continue to install solar panels. This intensive cooperation also means we can shorten our time to market. That enables us to accelerate even more in the energy transition,” explains Assen.

Transfer Solarstell-Solar Construct to BluBase

The transfer to BluBase will take a couple of months. “We are currently working hard to complete all the preparations for BluBase. But nothing will change for our customers for the time being. They will continue to order from Solarstell or Solar Construct as they always have done. They can phone the same number and will speak to the contacts they are familiar with,” says Assen.

As mentioned earlier, the name will change to BluBase on 1 October 2022. This is also the date when the Sales and Support organisation of BluBase will be ready and operational. From that day, customers will contact BluBase to order the various products. Then it doesn’t matter anymore whether this is Next or RoFast. From 1 October, they will also be able to work with one calculator for the whole product portfolio. The logistics organisation should also be ready and operational in Q1 of 2023. When this phase is also concluded, the process will have been fully completed.

The new BluBase logo will also be used from 1 October. It will be accompanied by an additional pictorial mark to emphasise the connection with Solarstel and Solar Construct.