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QS PV-anchor

Ballast-free mounting system for solar panels

QS PV anchors are ideal when fitting solar panels on flat, slightly sloping and pitched roofs. QS PV anchors are suitable for bitumen, EPDM and PVC roofing.

Challenging roofs, with an uneven surface, a slight slope or where ballasting is not possible, can be effectively dealt with by using QS PV anchors. Where it was previously impossible to fit solar panels, they can now be used!

If you purchase the entire system from us, we offer you additional benefits. When you purchase the entire package from us, we can offer you a warranty. We do not offer the warranty if you order individual parts from us. An additional advantage is you get access to the knowledge and guidance of our two specialists: Alfred Donderwinkel and Ronald Dijkstra. They are glad to help and support you wherever necessary! Do you have questions or are you interested? Then please contact us.

The warranty applies to the whole anchor + an associated sleeve. We don’t give a warranty on separate parts. We only offer the warranty if you have ordered the complete system from us. 

Blubase QS PV-anker
Blubase QS PV-anker op rond dak

Watertight QS PV-anchor

QS PV anchors are mechanically fitted onto the roof structure and are sealed to make them watertight. QS PV anchors not only have great advantages in terms of roof load, but they also ensure that important functions of the roof such as water removal are retained and that the risk of systems moving, and therefore the risk of roof damage, have become a thing of the past.

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Why choose our storm-proof and watertight QS PV anchors?
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Smart and robust mounting system

Here’s how to install solar panels with the QS PV anchors. The system is easy to install and comparable with approximately 250 KG of ballast per m2.

Our cable and panel clip can be used optionally, we recommend them because they ensure an organized clearing of the cables under the panel, so that they do not damage the aluminum of the mounting system, for example.

Blubase QS PV-anker Exploded view
  • Mounting plate Ø 150 mm
  • Roofing Ø 330 mm
  • EPDM sealing ring 2,0 mm
  • Cover Ø 66 mm
  • Threaded rod M10x100 RVS A2 *
  • Lock nut M10 RVS A2 *
  • Rotation adapter
*A4 quality can be supplied if required.
Assembly manual

In addition to our assembly videos, we have also produced assembly manuals in which we show, step by step, how to install QS PV anchors on a flat roof or a pitched roof. If you have any further questions after reading the manual, please contact us. We’re here to help!

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Strong and smart mounting material for solar panels

Our mounting materials for solar panels on roofs are of a high quality and are very robust. At the same time, we have thought carefully about how to make our products user-friendly, to make sure they can be easily mounted.

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Always a quick calculation

With the Blubase calculator, you can calculate your projects quickly and easily. We offer one calculator for all our products. This enables you to calculate projects for both pitched and flat roofs effortlessly. Do you want to order the materials instantly? No problem!

  • A calculator for all your projects
  • Reliable
  • A calculation in four steps
  • Includes list of materials and ballast plan
Withstands high compressive and tensile forces
Applicable on slightly sloped and flat roofs
KIWA test – comparable with approximately 250 KG of ballast per m2.
Quick and easy assembly
Very strong but still lightweight

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