Blubase roboost montagesysteem voor golfplaten dak component 1 stokschroef

roboost corrugated roof

Mounting system for corrugated roofs

If you use our mounting system for corrugated roofs, you can install solar panels quickly and easily. This mounting system has been developed especially for solar panel installers. The mounting system consists of a limited number of components and has all the features that make installation quick and easy.

Blubase roboost montagesysteem voor golfplaten dak
Blubase roboost montagesysteem voor golfplaten dak stokschroef

Smart, adjustable hanger bolts

One of those smart components that facilitate easy installation is the hanger bolt. It is available in various sizes and is fitted into the purlins of the roof. The hanger bolts are adjustable, which is a smart way of dealing with an uneven roof surface.

Watertight connection

The mounting rail is connected to the hanger bolts by means of the unique rotary coupling system. The rail can be easily fastened into the coupling by means of rotation. The EPDM rubber seal on the hanger bolt ensures that the roof is watertight.

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Why choose our RoBoost corrugated roof system?
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Smart mounting system for corrugated roof

Here you can see what the Roboost mounting system for corrugated roof looks like when it is mounted and which parts are where. The cable and panel clip are optional, we do recommend them because they ensure an organized clearing of the cables under the panel, so that they do not damage the aluminum of the mounting system, for example.

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  • Hanger bolt
  • Mounting rail
  • End clamp
  • Mid clamp
  • End cap
  • Cable clip *
  • Panel cip *
  • Coupler *
* Optioneel
Assembly manual

In addition to our assembly videos, we have also produced assembly manuals in which we show, step by step, how to install the RoBoost mounting system for corrugated roofs. If you have any further questions after reading the manual, please contact us. We’re here to help!

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Corrugated clips

Are you looking for a different system that uses corrugated clips rather than hanger bolts? Have a look at our corrugated clip.

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Strong and smart mounting materials for solar panels

Our mounting materials for solar panels on corrugated roofs are of a high quality and are very robust. At the same time, we have thought carefully about how to make our products user-friendly, to make sure they can be easily mounted.

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Always a quick calculation!

With the BluBase calculator, you can calculate your projects quickly and easily. We offer one calculator for all our products. This enables you to calculate projects for both pitched and flat roofs effortlessly. Do you want to order the materials instantly? No problem!

  • A calculator for all your projects
  • Reliable
  • A calculation in four steps
  • Includes list of materials and ballast plan
Faultless installation: because of smart rotary couplings
Fast assembly reduces time involved
Universal components
Robust and extremely strong
20-year warranty
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