Ballast-free installation of solar modules with B-GRIP

Ballast-free installation of solar modules with B-GRIP

The B-GRIP anchor is the solution for installing ballast-free mounting systems on flat roofs. The B-GRIP anchors are specially designed for roofs where no solar panels can be installed with ballast.

The B-GRIP anchor is extremely strong and can handle high tensile and shear forces. The size of the anchor makes placement quick and easy. Also, only 1 anchor per anchor location. You complete the installation with a collar that connects to the roofing. You can easily buy such a collar from us or together with a specialised roofer. B-GRIP is also tested by DEKRA and TÜV certified.

Another advantage is the knowledge and guidance of our specialists; Alfred Donderwinkel and Ronald Dijkstra. They will be happy to look with you, help and support you where necessary! Do you have any questions or are you interested? Then get in touch with us.

B-GRIP; to be used with our mounting systems Rofast & Connect

The B-GRIP anchor can be used with either our Rofast or Connect mounting system for flat roofs. Installation with either mounting system is quick & easy. Careful consideration has been given to the user-friendliness of the components, so anyone can install without error.

Watertight B-GRIP anchor

The anchors are mechanically fixed to the roof structure and then sealed off watertight. This ensures a 100% watertight watertight seal. Working with roof anchors has major advantages with regard to the load on the roof. In addition, they
ensure that important roof functions, such as water drainage, are preserved remain. Shifting systems, with the risk of damaging the roofing, is now completely out of the question.

Why choose our storm-proof and watertight B-GRIP anchors?
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Smart and robust mounting system

Here you can see how to install solar panels with the B-GRIP anchors. The system is easy to install and specially designed for roofs where solar panels cannot be placed with ballast.

Our cable and panel clip are optional to use, we do recommend them as they ensure organised clearance of the cables under the panel, preventing them from damaging the aluminium of the mounting system, for example.

Roofing cuff choice of bitumen and plastic variants

Strong and smart mounting material for solar panels

Our mounting materials for solar panels on roofs are of a high quality and are very robust. At the same time, we have thought carefully about how to make our products user-friendly, to make sure they can be easily mounted.

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