Van der Valk te Voorschoten


  • Installer: JustPlugin B.V.
  • Location: Voorschoten
  • Number of panels: 832
  • Type of mounting system: Rofast east-west

“Our installation team had never worked with BluBase before, and they were rather sceptical to begin with. As is the case with every new system, we needed to get used to it, but we soon got to grips with it and have become very enthusiastic about this system! Indeed, when we now have projects with flat roofs, we always ask if we can work with BluBase again!”

Always a quick calculation!

With the Blubase calculator, you can calculate your projects quickly and easily. We offer one calculator for all our products. This enables you to calculate projects for both pitched and flat roofs effortlessly. Do you want to order the materials instantly? No problem!

  • A calculator for all your projects
  • Reliable
  • A calculation in four steps
  • Includes list of materials and ballast plan

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