The Blulinq Academy is now live!

2 April 2024

Learn quickly and easily all about our mounting systems

BluBase offers mounting systems & services that enable installers to do what they do best; namely, installing solar panels. With our Blulinq Academy, we provide you with additional support in this regard. Learn everything about our mounting systems and how to install them wherever and whenever you want, with the Blulinq Academy making it easy to do so from home, the office, or on-site. This way, you won’t encounter any surprises on the roof anymore!

With the Blulinq Academy, you can swiftly and easily learn all about our mounting systems. Learn wherever, whenever, and at your own pace, easily through your laptop or mobile device. Develop your knowledge for free at your convenience. Take our quick and concise courses on our mounting systems and how to install them. After completing the course, we’ll test your knowledge with some quiz questions. With the Blulinq Academy, you’ll become a Bluboss in no time!

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