Blubase next montagesysteem voor golfplaten dak - installatie

Mounting systems for pitched roofs

A suitable solution for every type of roof

Quick and easy installation

Roboost is a strong mounting system for pitched roofs. It consists of a limited number of components and has all the features that make installation quick and easy. The smart rotary coupling is a unique feature of the RoBoost mounting system. It ensures that the system can only be installed in one way and helps to align the mounting rails. That’s quick and easy!

Next is quick and easy to use; installation only involves a few parts. If you choose Next, you will get one of the quickest mounting system available. Next offers a solution for tiled, steel and corrugated roofs. We also offer a number of other Blubase solutions. There is also a solution for slate and standing seam roofs, and solar panels can also be installed on free fields.

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